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An ROI Agency to help you earn more profits

Scale using the power of Facebook & Tiktok ads.

We help medspa and dental clinic owners break free from the competition on Facebook and Google by harnessing the power of TikTok and Facebook ads. These platforms offer a more promising ROI for early adopters, with untapped potential for reaching and engaging with potential clients. By targeting specific demographics and interests related to health and beauty, we can generate more qualified leads and appointments for our clients. Our approach has resulted in an average cost-per-lead reduction of 75%, allowing our clients to win in a crowded marketplace.

We only work with businesses doing 6 figures.
We only do facebook & tiktok ads

We are a specialist in what we do. We use Facebook ads and Tiktok ads to locate and attract motivated, qualified ‘ready to buy’ customers.

Leads that convert over and over again. Quality.

Our approach to generating leads is focused on quality, not quantity. We don’t just provide a high volume of leads; we provide leads that convert over and over again. Our targeted advertising strategies and rigorous lead qualification processes ensure that the leads we generate are highly engaged and ready to take action. By prioritizing lead quality, we help our clients maximize their return on investment and achieve sustainable business growth. If you’re looking for leads that will convert time and time again, look no further than our team.

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  • Watch our free case study video. See if you qualify.

    Watch our free case study video to make sure you and we can work together –

  • Schedule your strategy session.

    You then book a call using the online calendar that’s presented to you. We'll present our strategy to you.

  • Onboarding & campaign launch within 7 days.

    That’s basically it. We watch your ads like hawks. There’s no time better than now

We offer a 100% ROI guarantee. If we don't perform you get a refund + $200 extra from us. Simple as that.

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